Saturday, July 9, 2011

Plan to be Happy

There's been a quiet storm raging in me for the last 5 years and only now am I starting to really shed some light on it. Change is a word that is often thrown around but the thing about change is, it takes work. Duh right? But I don't think most people actually get it.

People don't really believe that change is possible, 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' and such but really change is something that happens on the inside and is then projected outwards. Pretty sound logic.

If you ask those close to me, they would probably say that everything is the same but  that really stems from ' action speak louder than words.' It's as though we've found all these ways to denegate each other, as to feel better about only superficially supporting one another. So I'mma do me.

When I graduated high school unlike everyone else, I had no plan. I was good at several things but I had no real dream. Well I am happy to say that a decade later, I'm finally excited about my future and dreaming big!

On top of writing self help and fashion literature for 20 and 30 somethings, I am also aiming to be a Rubenist fashion designer and retailer. Maybe it's seems like a lot but you have to remember I've spent a decade in the slow lane, I am soo beyond ready to shift gears.

Next month I register for fashion school but I would only start in November, so the next year and a half I'm going to be blogging more and more about fashion. After spending a year sketching ideas, I'm ready to put my ideas into action and see what works, what doesn't and how I can build on them. To be clear, I've only sewn a few times in my life but it's never been towards a real goal, so I'm elated by the challenge and the process of learning a new skill and implementing it.

People around me are casting doubt around like their playing dice because they simply don't know that side of me but... Oh well, haters gonna hate.

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