Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy St-Jean!

Well it's over but... Bonne St-Jean!!

This is a holiday that really grew on me. I mean it BIG in Quebec but I still sometimes feel uncomfortable celebrating it.  I often had to work during the festivities  and even at time and a half it was apparent that I was getting the short end of the stick, when people would walk in singing and buying stuff for their BBQs, drunk and happy. I wanted that, I wanted to bond with my fellow Quebec homies and no money couold replace that.

And then there is separatism which is still a big part of the whole celebration. It's a holiday that went from being religiously rooted from the first European settlers to a political rally. I love Quebec and I'm so happy that my mom chose to immigrate here and then decided to have me. And, while I agree with a lot of the reasons, I still truly believe that separation would hurt in the end, no matter how many times or how loud we sing Le Plus Beau Voyage.

So I feel a little restricted in that regard but I've learned how to observe it in my own little assimilated way. None the less, I celebrate St-Jean not because I'm religious or a separatist, I celebrate La fete de la St- Jean Baptiste because I celebrate the people whose culture I share and of which I'm proud to call my own.

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